MPD Productions

Tape/Film Transfers & Photo Montages

giftsDo you want your footage transferred, but you're concerned about where you'd be sending your precious tapes, films, or photos? Are you looking for a company that will treat your precious memories as if they were their own? Look no further and welcome to MPD! We use the most professional and high-quality methods to transfer your footage onto DVD, and we do so much more than just transfer it – we turn your it into a true family keepsake! Unlike many other transfer services, we review all video footage to ensure proper transfer, provide smooth transitions between scenes, and add in a menu for easy scene selection! We can even do basic correction of your footage as necessary to make it look as good as possible on screen, and we then insert opening/closing graphics to make your DVD like a "real" movie! You even receive a commemorative storage case using a special photo of your choice on the label or case if you'd like!

If you have photos that you want in a montage set to music, we are happy to help you create the perfect gift! All of our montages include a main menu, opening/closing graphics slides, panning and zooming on photos, basic color correction/photo retouching, your choice of music, and custom disc labels with custom DVD cases. Even video clips and projector slides can be incorporated into your montage! Check out our samples and contact us today!

What our customers are saying about us...

quotesI gave MPD over 200 pictures and asked them to turn them into a photo montage for my dad's 65th bitrthday. The result was a video more beautiful and wonderful than I ever imagined! Their attention to detail was outstanding. Their level of industry knowledge and love of the job was clearly exhibited. And the reaction by my father when he watched his video was priceless!!

Michelle C. - Whitinsville, MA